Pussycat — The meme Coin with a Social Conscience

Advocating Women’s Rights through Cryptocurrency while having fun and breaking down the false narrative that all good coders are men!

The Birth of a New MEME coin

On 31st October at 06:44:38 PM +UTC, the Pussycat (PUSS) token contract was deployed to Binance Smart Chain mainnet. This means that Pussycat is a BEP-20 token and you can use the public explorer BSC Scan to track all transactions and balances.

Token name: Pussycat

Symbol: PUSS

Decimals: 8

Token Type: BEP-20

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Token Contract: 0x586f4e2a5fc6431ec91646be9d00d7990f50b874

Fair Launch

A total supply of 228,348,334,000,000 PUSS tokens have been created and this is the maximum number of tokens that there will ever be in existence.

Furthermore, unlike the world of men or tokens created by men…






Pussycat utilizes a completely FAIR launch, because:

  • NO Venture Capitalists
  • NO Presale
  • No Private Sale
  • No Public Sale
  • NO Initial Coin Offering
  • NO token unlocks
  • NO team tokens
  • NO MEN coders (only women, and non-binaries)

To create a self-funded and 100% transparent community-owned currency, everyone needs to purchase tokens — including the Pussycat team. In this way, everyone begins from behind the same starting line.

To make sure Pussycat is launched 100% fairly, all tokens must be bought via PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool with a nominal starting price. There will be 182,678,667,200,000 PUSS up for grabs, a substantial 80% of total supply. There will be no Pre-Sale, no Private Sale or Venture Capitalists involved. A fair distribution, with EVERYONE having the chance to buy Pussycat.

Pussycat Token Distribution

The initial Pussycat Token Generation Event was executed by the Pussycat Foundation. The distribution created 228,348,334,000,000 PUSS, which is distributed to the following stakeholders:

PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool = 182,678,667,200,000 PUSS

Community Rewards & Partnerships Fund = 45,669,666,800,000 PUSS

Pussycat Tokenomics

Pussycat is a deflationary meme token with some innovative built-in smart contract functionality and features that support the price growth and reward holders of the token.

Invest in Women

Smart contracts ensure that 1% of all transactions go directly to the public Marketing & Charity wallet. Here is the wallet on BSC scan:

These funds are accumulated and set aside for donations to charities, activists, visionaries, policy makers, academics, celebrities and other thoughtful leaders who are working to achieve gender justice and women’s human rights worldwide.

Automatic Burn

Smart contracts ensure that 1% of all transactions are automatically burned and sent to the official Binance Smart Chain burn wallet:

These tokens are lost forever and can never be accessed again. This makes Pussycat a deflationary asset which supports the price in the future.

HOLDER Rewards

Smart contracts ensure that 3% of all fees are automatically redistributed to holders. It PAYS to hold Pussycat. Sit back and watch your balance magically grow over time. Rewards only start to accumulate after 2 months of HOLDing.

Automatic LP

Smart contracts ensure that 3% of all fees are automatically added to the Pancakeswap Liquidity pool.

Pussycat Security

Pussycat is 100% opensource and all the coding done by the development team can be viewed in our Github account, this includes the smart contracts behind the Pussycat token.

Pussycat is a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain so the security aspects of validating blocks and transactions are outsourced to the BSC Network of 21 elected validating nodes. The PoSA algorithm built around 21 elected validators prevents individual validators from gaining too much control over the network and going rogue.

The Binance Smart Chain offers our community the added interoperability of facilitating their transactions through Ethereum- based wallets, such as MetaMask. An added advantage of issuing Pussycat on the BSC is that it offers our community an affordable blockchain experience through smaller transaction fees compared to the Ethereum Network.



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